Ultra Lounge TV Town

Various Artists

Album cover of Ultra Lounge TV Town by Various Artists

Album Title: Ultra Lounge TV Town

Artist(s): Various Artists


Genre(s)/Style(s): Lounge, Soundtrack, Other

Track Listing:

  1. Al Caiola Man From UNCLEThe Spies
  2. Al Caiola The Mod Squad Theme
  3. Bill May The Odd Couple
  4. Billy May Mannix
  5. Dave Pell Thanks For The Memory
  6. David Mccallum Batman Theme
  7. Freddy Martin Bubbles In The Wine
  8. Jack Marshall The Munsters Theme
  9. Jackie Gleason Melancholy Serenade
  10. John Barry The Human Jungle
  11. Liberty Soundtrack Orchestra Burke’s Law Suite
  12. Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra Naked City Theme (Somewhere In The Night)
  13. Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra Dick Van Dyke Theme The Alvin Show Theme
  14. Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra My Three Sons
  15. Peggy Lee Bewitched
  16. Si Zentner The Fugitive Theme
  17. Si Zentner MrLucky
  18. Spike Jones Powerhouse
  19. The Ventures One Step Beyond (Fear) The Twilight Zone

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