Voices Of Haiti

Maya Deren

Album cover of Voices Of Haiti by Maya Deren

Album Title: Voices Of Haiti

Artist(s): Maya Deren


Genre(s)/Style(s): Other

Track Listing:

  1. A1 – Creole O Voudoun (yanvalou)
  2. A2 – Ayizan Marche (zepaules)
  3. A3 – Signaleagwe Orroyo (yanvalou)
  4. A4 – Zulie Banda (banda)
  5. A5 – Ibo Lele (ibo)
  6. B1 – Ghede Nimbo (mahi)
  7. B2 – Nogo Jaco Colocoto (nago Crabino)
  8. B3 – Miro Miba (congo)
  9. B4 – Po’ Drapeaux (petro Mazonnei)

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