Whaling and Sailing Songs

Paul Clayton

Album cover of Whaling and Sailing Songs by Paul Clayton

Album Title: Whaling and Sailing Songs

Artist(s): Paul Clayton

Year: 1956


Track Listing:

  1. A1 The Maid Of Amsterdam
  2. A2 Old Stormalong
  3. A3 The Girls Around Cape Horn
  4. A4 Paddy Doyle’s Boots
  5. A5 Spanish Ladies
  6. A6 Sally Brown
  7. A7 The Dying Sailor To His Shipmates
  8. A8 Ranzo
  9. A9 The Mermaid (Child 289)
  10. A10 Johnny’s Gone To Hilo
  11. B1 Saturday Night At Sea
  12. B2 Shenandoah
  13. B3 Admiral Benbow
  14. B4 Round The Corner
  15. B5 The Greenland Whale Fisheries
  16. B6 Go Down You Blood Red Roses
  17. B7 The Turkish Revelee (Child 286)
  18. B8 Boney Was A Warrior
  19. B9 Lady Franklin’s Lament
  20. B10 Santy Anna

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