Wiki Wiki

The Mysterons

Album cover of Wiki Wiki by The Mysterons

Album Title: Wiki Wiki

Artist(s): The Mysterons


Genre(s)/Style(s): Other

Track Listing:

  1. From The Ashes
  2. The Gristler
  3. Tiger Boogie
  4. Rotten To The Core
  5. Bloodhound
  6. Super Freak
  7. Mr. Ghost Takes A Ride
  8. Blood Sucker
  9. The Sleeper Awaits
  10. Spitfire
  11. Devil’s Ride
  12. Tail Gunner
  13. She Devil
  14. Cold Chicken
  15. The Tingler
  16. Scream Chicken Scream
  17. Into The Night
  18. Night Of The Ghouls
  19. Out Of The Mist
  20. Plummi A-Go Go

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