Zamaan Ya Sukkar – Exotic Love Songs and Instrumentals from the Egyptian 60’s

Various Artists

Album cover of Zamaan Ya Sukkar by Various Artists

Album Title: Zamaan Ya Sukkar – Exotic Love Songs and Instrumentals from the Egyptian 60’s

Artist(s): Various Artists

Year: 2018

Genre(s)/Style(s): Exotica, Folk, World, Other

Track Listing:

  1. Fatouma / فطومة  — Salim El Baroudi / سالم البارودي‎
  2. Mambo Ard El Marrah / أرض المرح  — Sayed Salamah / سيد سلامة‎
  3. Leyla / ليلى  — Abd El Fattah Mansi / عبد الفتاح منسي‎
  4. Ahallefak Washkeek Lellah / احلفك واشكيك لل  — Soad Mohamed / سعاد محمد‎
  5. Asmar Ya Sokkar / أسمر يا سكر  — Al Thoulathy Al Mareh / الثلاثي المرح‎
  6. Musiqaa Nahr El Hob / موسيقا نهر الحب  — Taha El Ugayl / طه العجيل‎
  7. Musiqaa Dhahab Ellayl / موسيقا ذهب الليل  — Mohamed Fawzy / محمد فوزي‎
  8. Nafourak Ya Ghazal / نفورك يا غزال  — Magda Ali / مجدى علي‎
  9. Zahrat El Hob / زهرة الحب  — Sayed Salamah / سيد سلامة‎

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Liner, Listening & Album Notes:

From an interview with Radio Martiko (the record label that released this album):

“Radio Martiko are one of several contemporary record labels working diligently to bring rare music to a wider audience. Based in Belgium, the tight-knit team of DJs and crate diggers travel throughout Europe, Africa and South America, guided by the artists and records that deeply fascinate them. They often find that historic record companies, physical media and artistic legacies, lie in tatters. However, through their archival efforts, remastered and released audio, they intend the breathe new life into music that has been largely forgotten.”

‘We are super proud to release Zamaan Ya Sukkar which means something like ‘Sweet Past’. This compilation will feature exotica, mambo and oriental jazz from the Misrphon, Sono Cairo and Disques Sharara record labels. The songs are very obscure and sound like nothing you’ve heard before. When hearing this music, your mind drifts off to the roaring and magical nightlife of Cairo in the ‘60s.

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