Various Artists

Album cover of Ghoul-arama by Various Artists

Album Title: Ghoul-arama

Artist(s): Various Artists

Year: 2001

Genre(s)/Style(s): Novelty, Other

Track Listing:

  1. At The Munsters
  2. Graveyard
  3. She’s Fallen In Love With A Monster Man
  4. The Graveyard Shift
  5. The Ghost And MrChicken
  6. Return Of The Fly
  7. Midnight Monsters Hop
  8. The Monster Swim
  9. I Was A Teenage Werewolf
  10. The Spook Walks
  11. She’s My Witch
  12. Graveyard Rock
  13. The Mummy’s Bracelet
  14. The Night Of The Vampire
  15. The Surf Monster
  16. Wicked Annabella
  17. Jinetes En El Cielo
  18. The Skeleton Dance
  19. Halloween Spooks
  20. Clinkerated Chimes
  21. Frankenstein Conquers The World
  22. Trick Or Treat
  23. Halloween Theme Main Title
  24. The Haunted House
  25. Release The Bats
  26. I’m A Mummy
  27. Graveyard Music
  28. Happy Halloween

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