Omens, Oracles & Mysticisms Of Dance

Ramal LaMarr

Album cover of Omens

Album Title: Omens, Oracles & Mysticisms Of Dance

Artist(s): Ramal LaMarr

Year: 1983

Genre(s)/Style(s): Exotica, Other

Track Listing:

  1. Twilight Winds 3:56
  2. Temple Of The Moon Goddess 3:22
  3. Cities Of The Jinn 4:10
  4. The Indigo Priestess 3:42
  5. Raks Chandrani 6:29
  6. Lotus Dancers Of The Desert Moon 5:53
  7. Ethiopian Incense 3:09
  8. Ritual Fire Music 4:17
  9. Wand Dance Of The Scarlet Sorceress 2:00
  10. The Zar
    1. Dance Of The Dark Veil 3:19
    2. The Zar Mystique 2:30
    3. Dance Of The White Veil 2:25

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Liner, Listening & Album Notes:

With this album, composer and musician Ramal LaMarr has not only created a beautiful and unique vehicle for Oriental dance enthusiasts, he has created a magic carpet ride for all who love music and dance. Omens, Oracles, and Mysticism of Dance conveys authentic rhythms and moods of the East with a wonderful quality that transcends time and geographical boundaries. For those who are creatively inclined this music will inspire visions of mystic times past and dreams for future aspirations.

– Liner notes

Album Preview:

Album Preview:

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