Pleasure Gardens Of Dance

Ramal Lamarr

Album cover of Pleasure Gardens Of Dance by Ramal Lamarr

Album Title: Pleasure Gardens Of Dance

Artist(s): Ramal Lamarr


Genre(s)/Style(s): Exotica, Other

Track Listing:

  1. Entrance To Exotica 5:14
  2. Dance Of Mystery 3:20
  3. Path Of Opals 4:08
  4. Court Dance Of The She Jinn 1:22
  5. Ambera: Garden Of Delights 4:53
  6. The Jasmine Dancer 1:47
  7. Shimmering Veils 3:30
  8. Secrets Written In Incense 2:35
  9. Emerald Fire 3:48
  10. Fountains’ Enchantment 2:08
  11. The Celestial Garden 2:08
  12. Fragrance Of Evening 3:47

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Liner, Listening & Album Notes:

Zills (metallic finger percussion/cymbals) played by Chandrani

Album Preview:

Album Preview:

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