Black Market Audio

Album cover of Shake! by Black Market Audio

Album Title: Shake!

Artist(s): Black Market Audio

Year: 2006

Genre(s)/Style(s): Lounge, Surf, Other

Track Listing:

  1. Waikiki Secret Service 3:56
  2. Black Marketing 3:34
  3. Our Consumer World 0:36
  4. Gimme That Thang 4:00
  5. Jetzt Geht’s Los 4:07
  6. Do You Like Oscar Harris? 0:47
  7. Well Allright 4:16
  8. A Succesfull Party 0:47
  9. Cha Cha 2:51
  10. Shake! 4:26
  11. Singalong Song 2:41
  12. The Bongo Board 0:42
  13. Bubble Up 3:27
  14. 300 All’ora 3:52
  15. Un Vibraphone 0:36
  16. Bombay Beatclub 3:50
  17. White Spy Black Cop 3:51
  18. Johnny Tamboo 2:10
  19. Sputnik Cafe 4:48
  20. Sputnik Malfunction 0:44

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Liner, Listening & Album Notes:

Black Market Audio is a duo of multi-instrumentalists out of the Netherlands.

“Black Market Audio’s music is heavily influenced by seventies soulfunk, B-movie soundtracks, obscure Italo-funk and bizarre easy-tune they create their own crime-grooves, detective beats, police-themes and spy-jazz, funked up with beatnik bongos and vintage synths, guitars, amps and effects.”

Challenge Records

“14 songs and 6 interludes that sound like TV-tunes, like pop songs that take the listener by a time-warp through time and space or like a soundtrack for a true Tupperware party. Their main motto is: ‘The sexiest words are those without meaning! Just sing along!’

“With ‘SHAKE!’ … made according to the reliable and unique Black Market Audio-recipe: Yeh-yeh beats, Hammond-driven grooves, kinky schlager melodies, topped with tropical fruits from Tiki-Bongo land with some surprising twists of homage to Dutch Pop history.”

Amsterdam Dance Event

Album Preview:

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