Hanttula Cryptoglyphs

Coded symbols for secret messages
Project Notes

This is an early-stage work-in-progress for the development of a unique encoded message system. Developed for novelty purposes & the exploration of some design concepts. This page will be expanded as the project matures.

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A secret typographic symbology or a typographic symbology with secrets?

Perhaps both. The Hanttula Cryptoglyphs are the first set of a series of symbols devised for encoding messages and providing some extended novelty in mailed communications. The symbol designs are based off of a set of possible ways to sew a four-hole button by Lily Lebus (from an early 1900s newspaper article).

This symbol system was designed to work across a wide range of sizes and work well with both printed and hand-written communications. Plus, with the large number of symbols, the system can accommodate extension glyphs for multi-lingual use as well as provide a shifting cipher pattern for increased encoding complexity.

The Hanttula Cryptoglyphs are available as both OpenType (OTF) & TrueType (TTF) fonts. Distribution is currently reserved to members of the Hanttula Adventure Team and select recipients of HANTTUGRAMs.

More to come.

Hanttula Cryptoglyphs Mockup
Hanttula Cryptoglyphs Overview
Hanttula Cryptoglyphs Mockup
Hanttula Cryptoglyphs Overview

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