About Hanttula.com

The Light & The Glory

Hanttula.com is a website. You click on parts & you view parts.

Hopefully, you enjoy the process.


Portions of  this site have been on the Internet since 1995. Content is updated/created as free time allows.


The content of the Hanttula site is, primarily, the original artwork & concepts of Michael Hanttula.

  • The ever-mesmerizing DistractoMatic is fueled by the Hanttula.com authors (D.Ball, Gymbeaux, Mike and Gish)
  • The site’s content management is powered by the unbelievably phenomenal WordPress
  • Our customized installation of WordPress also utilizes a number of fantastic plugins, including: cforms II (form processing) and Akismet (reduction of SPAM comments)

Boring Legal & Copyright Information

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