Hanttula Emporium of Tangible Curiosities

Museum of Food Anomalies T-Shirt

At long last, the famed MoFA t-shirt is available to the public. Nine colors available. $22.
Get yours now!

Circus of Disemboweled Plush Toys Messenger Bag

Own a piece of the historic Circus of Disemboweled Plush Toy exhibit that lets you share the magic with everyone you meet. $22. Get this swank bag here.

Circus of Disemboweled Plush Toys T-Shirt

Mucho fantastico Black T-Shirt for you... with the "Circus of Disemboweled Plush Toys" Vintage Poster on the front. Nine colors available. $20.
Buy one - if you dare.

Bunnyocalypse Paper Practice Targets

Marshmallow Bunny Season is OPEN! Brush up on your shootin' skills with this high-quality, printable paper practice target. $FREE. Get one now!

Website Blessings

Sanctify your website with a blessing from one of our ordained Hanttula.com ministers.

Unmitigated Brilliant Magnificence Fan Club

Find out how you can become a member.

Bunnyocalypse Desktop Wallpaper

Relive the Bunnyocalypse each day with this fine graphic as your desktop background. $FREE. Grab it now.

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Hanttula Mystery Objects

Now with 10% more mystery. Learn more...?

Hanttula Spoons

Become a proud owner! Of Art! Of History! Of your very own Hanttula Spoon.

'Inside the Magic 8-Ball' T-Shirt

This mere t-shirt will LET THE WORLD KNOW that you know. Several styles & colors. $20+.

Advice for the Wise & the Young

Exciting Possessions and Senseless Clutter Await Your Purchase