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New Horror Movie Title Generator!

Announcing the ALL NEW Hanttula B-MOVIE TITLE GENERATOR - automatically creating MILLIONS & MILLIONS of excitingly horrifying titles for YOUR next second-rate horror movie! 👻 Create one or one thousand creepy names for movies that MUST be made! Don't like the...

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The Relaunch / The Return

Hello, friends. After several years of work in off hours, early mornings, and weekends, has RELAUNCHED with a completely rebuilt site, entirely rebuilt & revised exhibits, and a bit of new content. Plus, it's now greatly improved for mobile viewing....

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Undiscovered Deathly Hallows Easter Egg

I noted this subtle reference to the Deathly Hallows when we first saw FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM, but haven't heard or seen it mentioned anywhere online. So, I made this helpful graphic. Did anyone else spot this Easter Egg of the Deathly Hallows symbols...

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Ready to Monday

Believe it or not, there are stirrings in Hanttula HQ of *something* new. But, for now, I'll just leave this VERY IMPORTANT VIDEO for you to watch & absorb.

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MoFA on Buzzfeed

Thank you, Buzzfeed, for including the Museum of Food Anomalies in your list of  "20 Weird, Wonderful, And Strangely Specific Museums You Have To Visit" Visit the Museum of Food Anomalies for yourself!

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