Join the ranks of royalty, popes, and the super-wealthy. Become a

Patron of the Arts!

Support independent art and receive an official title to impress friends & strangers alike.

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A bit about the ways in which YOU can support Hanttula and become a laudable Patron of the Arts.

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If you’re new to Hanttula, you can start at the beginning to explore the content that you would be supporting as a Patron of the Arts.

Unmitigated Brilliant Magnificence doesn’t pay for itself.

This website represents thousands of hours of work over the past 20 or so years. Tens of thousands of lines of code, countless graphics, text snippets & quips, edits, rebuilds, fixes, updates, and general resources of time & energy. None of which pays for itself.

To help fund the noble endeavor of online art, we’ll be introducing the Patron of the Arts program – your chance to support the arts and be rewarded with official titles, certificates, patron-only content, and more.

Some examples of the special titles and patronage levels are:

Host of Hosts

Sacred Torch Bearer, Host of Hosts

Possibly the most helpful and needed patron level – that of the individual who can support, on an on-going basis, the fairly substantial hosting costs.

Keeper of the Redirect

Keeper of the Redirect

An honored title for the patron who supports the costs associated with correcting traffic from all the visitors who can’t correctly spelled ‘Hanttula.’

Patron Perpetuo

Patron Perpetuo

Reserved for the patrons who support Hanttula-related enterprises on a perpetual basis.

In the Meantime

Just building out the Patron of the Arts program is, in itself, an endeavor. So, in the meantime, anyone who wishes to support is invited to contact us directly regarding your patronage.

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