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Monster Movie Title Generator Banner Graphic

Monster Movie Title Generator

Automatically produces MILLIONS of horrifically-good title possibilities for use on YOUR next monster, horror, or science-fiction movie!

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FORECASTAGRAM Always Accurate Fortune Cards


Quite possibly the most accurate & magically-mystifying fortune telling on the Internet.

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SAD FRUIT SAGA Banner Graphic


Chaos at the fruit stand and the fruit is SAD! Play this addictive game and make the fruit HAPPY!

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Tiki Bar Name Generator Banner Graphic

Tiki Bar Name Generator

Automatically produce a name for YOUR new bar! Now featuring 'Slots-o-Magic' action!

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MoFA - Museum of Food Anomalies

Museum of Food Anomalies

Feast your eyes upon nature's abhorrent whimsy.
Good food; gone very, very wrong.

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Quest for the Golden Tiki

An 8-Bit adventure video game starring the QUANTUM KOALA. Jump through time & space to collect pieces of shattered GOLDEN TIKI.

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All-Knowing Orb

The All-Knowing Orb

Ask it anything! All questions answered. Some mysteries revealed.

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Hanttula Theme Songs

Hanttula Theme Songs

A collection of songs based around Hanttula.

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SHIPWRECKED Tiki Takeover Event


A TIKI TAKEOVER event of Marina del Rey's Historic Warehouse Restaurant

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Spoon Journal Project

Spoon Journal Project

57 spoons collected during a 10-month period between 1996-1997 result in an innovative & experimental documentary and detail of culinary adventures.

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Hanttula Adventure Team

Hanttula Adventure Team

The long-running, mysterious band of 'the curious & the brave.'

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Endless Exotica

Endless Exotica

The online catalog of Hanttula's 1500+ exotica, Hawaiian, Hapa Haole, Polynesian, lounge, and world music albums.

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Thanksgiving Countdown Clock

Thanksgiving Clock

How long until Thanksgiving? Find out with the Thanksgiving Countdown Clock.

Tick Tock Turkeys

Classic version of B-Movie Title Generator

B-Movie Title Generator (Classic Version)

The original Hanttula B-Movie Title Generated. A bit dated, but still produces over 1.4 MILLION possible title combinations!

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Unmitigated Brilliant Magnificence Fan Club

Unmitigated Brilliant Magnificence Fan Club

Join the ranks of fans of Unmitigated Brilliant Magnificence. Membership has its privileges.

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Seeing Double: Twin, Doppelganger Films

Seeing Double

A look at the weird world of Hollywood's doppelgänger movies, twin films, and look-alike projects – with head-to-head battles!

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Hanttula Website Blessing Service

Website Blessing Service

Miracles performed immediately; website updates may take a little longer.

Closed for Remodeling

Inside the Magic 8-Ball

Inside the Magic 8-Ball

The Hanttula.com scientific research team explores the innards of this mysterious orb. Find out, once and for all, just what lurks inside this magic oracle.

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The Marshmallow Bunny Apocalypse is upon us. View this photographic documentation of the end times of Marshmallow Peeps™ and watch as bunny-after-bunny is pit against agents of marshmallow doom.

Witness the Bunnyocalypse

Circus of Disemboweled Plush Toys

Circus of Disemboweled Plush Toys

A frightful assemblage of stuffed animals that nature did not intend. We recommend skipping this exhibit. It's really not very good. Only our continuing dislike for Beanie Babies keeps us from being ashamed that we ever created this horrific sideshow.

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Cardboard Robot Command

Cardboard Robot Command

A short-lived attempt at "Building an unstoppable robot army, one recycled box at a time."

Build your own robot

The LOST Notebook

The 'LOST' Notebook

An online resource for viewers of ABC's television series 'LOST.' Unlike other sources, this notebook focused only on the evidence presented in the show, offering a great source to explore your own theories & thoughts on the story lines.

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Rhyme with Orange

Mission: Rhyme with Orange

An ill-fated attempt to "create a word that rhymes with orange and get it into an official dictionary." Project has concluded.

We Failed

Hanttula Mystery Objects

Hanttula Mystery Objects

Hanttula Mystery Objects are art-like curiosities distributed randomly in public locations.

Project Concluded

Slots o' Misfortune Halloween Slot Machine Game

Slots o' (Mis)Fortune Halloween Slot Machine Game

An ever-so-slightly-horrifying Halloween-themed slot machine game. BEWARE: unlike regular slot machines, some of the symbols in this game DRAIN credits from your jackpot!

No Longer Available

Office of Eternal Distraction

Office of Eternal Distraction

The finest selections of links (from the old Hanttula.com DISTRACTOMATIC) that are worth repeat visits.

The Office is CLOSED

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