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Welcome, potential contributor. Thank you for your desire to share something magnificent with These Hanttula Exhibit Submission Guidelines will help ensure that we’re able to use & properly credit your submission. The form that follows the guidelines will make it easy to submit your content and be on your way to becoming a lauded Contributor!

Submission Guidelines

We’re currently only accepting submissions to our Museum of Food Anomalies, Hanttula Theme Songs, and Halloween Games & Links exhibits. If you are wishing to contribute to some other part of, please use our Contact page to get in touch.

In general, we ask that submissions are mostly ‘family-friendly’ (it doesn’t have to be safe for all ages, but shouldn’t be anything disturbing or hurtful).

View Photo Standards

Submitted photos should be:

  • clear & in focus
  • original & submitted only by those who own the rights to the photos (as you must have the authority to grant us rights of reproduction)
  • large enough to be edited to fit within our site designs (in general: the larger, the better)
Good Examples of Bad Photo Problems
  • No Good: Out of Focus
  • No Good: Camera Shake
  • No Good: Poor Composition
  • No Good: Excessive Camera Noise
  • No Good: JPEG artifacts
  • No Good: Someone Else’s Work

The Submission Form

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