The Secrets of the Magic 8-Ball REVEALED

Introduction (and a warning!)

This gallery is presented only with the intent to educate and inform. Our more sensitive viewers may not be ready to have the mechanics of this trusted, ancient oracle revealed. Once you cross this threshold, you will learn things that can never be unlearned. Please proceed judiciously. Continue, if you choose to do so, by clicking on the plates below…

Plate #1: The Outer Shell
This innocent-looking outer shell houses the mysterious inner-workings of the Magic 8-Ball.
The Outer Shell of the Magic 8 Ball
Plate #2: Words of Wisdom
We’re all familiar with its sage advice. But how is such wisdom generated? Are you ready for the truth?
Plate #3: A Cylinder!
Once cracked, an astonishing secret is revealed. The inside is not a sphere but a cylinder… a CYLINDER ! ! !
Plate #4: More Inside
This shot reveals the simplistic construction of this portable oracle.
Plate #5: A Closer Look
A close-up of the ‘magic’ cylinder. But, what is inside, you ask? What is inside?
Plate #6: The Final Secret?
Finally revealed, for all the world to see. The previously clandestine mechanics of the magic 8-ball.

If you’re wondering what the blue fluid inside the cylinder is, well, we’re sorry to report that our tests have found it to be nothing more than water with blue dye.

But, you may be asking yourself, “How can these simple plastic forms have so ingeniously guided my most important life decisions?”

Yes, it’s true. Much of the magic 8-ball’s power remains a mystery even after this in-depth exploration. At the very least, you have come a step closer to the truth of the power that is “the magic 8-ball.”

New Fortunes Await

Disillusioned by the simple construction of this treasured oracle? Don’t be. The panels don’t reveal the most important component of all: the mystery of its prognostications!

Perhaps, though, you are seeking answers to more immediate questions. If that’s the case, look no further than Hanttula’s very own ALL-KNOWING ORB! Ask it anything!

All-Knowing Orb - The Online Oracle


The scientific research team explores the innards of this mysterious orb. Find out, once and for all, just what lurks inside this magic oracle.

Project Date: March 1999



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