Circus of Disemboweled Plush Toys

Not for the faint of heart or sound of mind!
A History

A frightful assemblage of stuffed animals that nature did not intend. We originally recommended skipping this exhibit (before it was removed entirely). Only our continuing dislike for Beanie Babies keeps us from being ashamed that we ever created this horrific sideshow.

Gift Shop Remains Open

Just because the exhibit was deemed ‘too terrifying to exist’ doesn’t mean that we would deny you the opportunity to take home some commemorative merchandise. Browse our Emporium of Tangible Curiosities to see what items might still be available!

The Circus is Closed

The CIRCUS OF DISEMBOWELED PLUSH TOYS was an online art project created in response to the Beanie Baby craze of the late 1990s. It ran from 2003-2005 and never really made much sense.

Much like the BUNNYOCALYPSE, the Circus was created at a time when dark humor was funnier. By modern standards, the whole thing seems far more macabre than originally intended.

However, it did spawn a popular sideshow-inspired coffee mug design that became popular for some time.

While the exhibit is now (thankfully) closed, this page remains as a record of poor artistic choices and failed attempts at early online visual humor.

The exhibit attempted to dissuade visitors with the following notice, displayed at the entry point:

This special circus exhibit contains shocking documentation of Plush-toy Tragedies. Some viewers will be stunned; others appalled. Entry is not for children or the faint of heart! These gripping, real images may haunt you for all time. By clicking on the above image to enter, you agree to not hold, the artists, or anyone else liable for what may result. Enter at your own risk.

Plushtoys Circus Poster

Those that chose to continue received one final warning & welcome (plus a quick promotion for the famous Hanttula Museum Store & Gift Shop)…

Welcome to the World Famous ‘Circus of Disemboweled Plush Toys’

You’re about to view the most hideous collection of plush-toy tragedies. The following photographs of these disturbing abominations will surely shock & horrify even the most courageous viewer.

View at your own risk… then be sure to enjoy the Museum Store!

And, then… madness ensued.

For reasons of decency, we no longer display the full Circus collection. But, for the frightfully curious among you, we present these two classic images from the gallery. Look upon them, then click away on to more decent destinations. Pondering this bizarre exhibit will only result in mind-crippling dread.

Mr. Plushie No-Head
The first inhabitant of our macabre circus and the subject of the Circus’ promotional art and merchandise.

Mr. Plushie No-Head (Circus of Disemboweled Plush Toys)


A visitor submission to the Circus of a fully disemboweled bunny – carved out and worn as a hat. And one of the many reasons that this exhibit is now (quite rightfully) CLOSED!

Bunnyhead (Circus of Disemboweled Plush Toys)

And, now, on to something More Pleasant…

Before the nightmare of this deranged circus sets in, it’s strongly advised that you explore the many other, happier exhibits & projects on this site. Where should you start? Well, The Beginning is always a good point of departure. Enjoy.

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