{ Oh no! }

The GOLDEN TIKI has been STOLEN and


Calamity has struck in the tropics! A shadowy miscreant has absconded with a special & beloved GOLDEN TIKI.

In an ill-planned attempt to cover its tracks, the shadowy miscreant has smashed the Golden Tiki into pieces and hid those pieces in dark caves throughout ALL TIME & SPACE!

Only one creature can jump across dimensions, collecting the pieces in hopes of saving the tiki — the ???? QUANTUM KOALA! ????

Easy to play!

  • Click or Press to Jump
    Click or touch to jump
  • Avoid the Spikes
    Avoid the SPIKES
  • Avoid the Fire
    Avoid the FIRE
  • Quantum Koala Example of a Tiki Bit
    Collect all the golden tiki pieces on a level and the portal to the next level will appear!

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