Date: September 15, 1996

Location: The House of Fish Molly Bob, Palo Alto, CA

This spoon serves as a symbol for an entire day of events. There are only so many utensils per day that I can liberate.
Drove to San Francisco for my first paid job as a session musician (playing percussion).
Most of the work consisted of us waiting cozy lounge sipping coffee, playing pool, and chatting about the kinds of things musicians chat about. Recorded the track in one take. Paid: $80.
Back to South Bay in shaky VW Bus, visit Fish Molly Bob’s house and unknowingly walked into my first artist’s salon. Interesting to get together with so many other artists. The word “dialectic” was used more than any other. This evening was my first discussion with a man named Mr. Bill about turning his plays into movies.

About the Spoon Journal

57 spoons collected during a 10-month period between 1996 – 1997 result in an innovative & experimental documentary and detail of culinary adventures.

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