The “The Grapetacular Experiment” of Steve P. (Bluffton, South Carolina)


  • Title: “The Grapetacular Experiment”
  • Media: Grapes. Extreme Market Competition.
  • Submitted by: Steve P. (Bluffton, South Carolina)
  • Feeling pressure from the popularity of other fruits on the market, the L.G.C. (Large Grape Conglomerate) has been experimenting with a new grape-based product that it hopes will steal some customers from the lucrative A.P.O.P. (apple, pear, orange and papaya) demographic. Intrepid photographer, Steve P., went to great lengths to obtain these images of this confidential fruit prototype. Good work Steve.

3 responses to “The Grapetacular Experiment”

  1. Akrid says:

    I got one of these once, was to frightened to eat it although it looked quite scrumptious.

  2. Jeff says:

    looks more like an unripe grape tomato to me…Those are normal fruits.

  3. penmeldrick says:

    looks like gibberellin induced malformation

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