• Title: “Koala Chip”
  • Media: Potato Chip. Outback.
  • Submitted by: Ann (Michigan)
  • You're looking at a potato chip, but anyone in their right mind would definitely believe they're looking at a koala bear. Definitely.

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  • Title: “Whale of a Good Fish Nugget”
  • Media: Regular Fish Nugget. One Reading of Moby Dick.
  • Submitted by: Sarahx
  • Sarah was surprised to find that super-sizing her order of fish & chips meant an entirely new league of sea life. Poor whales... reduced to fried snacks.

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  • Title: “Conjoined Squash”
  • Media: Squash. Squash. Squish.
  • Submitted by: Miss P.
  • These conjoined squash are also quite tiny. They kind of look as if they're posing for the photo (you know, leaning in & everything... maybe it's just me...)

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  • Title: “Alien Potatoes”
  • Media: Potatoes - from another world
  • Submitted by: Monika N. (Switzerland)
  • Potatoes are not supposed to have round bulbous growths sticking out of them. That is just not natural. This courageous young lass was brave enough to hold them close to her face for this photo. Her fate is unknown.

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  • Title: “Another Angry Pepper”
  • Media: Bell Pepper. Rage. Again.
  • Submitted by: Veco (Sweden)
  • OK, what's going on with the bell peppers in Sweden? Seriously! What? These two submissions were sent within days of one-another.

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