• Title: “Tentacle Lemon”
  • Media: Citrus commingled with a cephalopod.
  • Submitted by: Andrea F.
  • Andrea calls this a "tentacle lemon" (found on a tree in her backyard). We thought it might be a young version of the Scandalous Lemon. Whatever the case, it's just wrong.

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  • Title: “Coffee Dragon”
  • Media: Coffee. Lack of Creamer. Mythic Creature.
  • Submitted by: Sierra
  • Sierra discovered that the ever-elusive "Dragón do café" (Gaelic for "Dragon of the Coffee") was living inside of her whipped cream canister when she fortuitously ran out of creamer one morning. While many would have recommended protecting & caring for such a noble creature, she quickly beheaded it with a spoon. Long live the Dragón do café.

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  • Title: “Tater Face”
  • Media: Expressive Potato. Unfocused Camera.
  • Submitted by: Kevin D.
  • Displaying a complete disregard for the stringent MoFA submission specifications, Kevin submits this (rather blurry) photo of a potato that he claims to have the visage of a canine. We're not sure that we agree; but the potato does seem to represent a rather pleasant chap, so in to the MoFA this entry goes!

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  • Title: “‘I’m All Thumbs’ Hot Dog”
  • Media: Hot dog. Close encounter with a meat slicer?
  • Submitted by: Gymbeaux
  • Gymbeaux was served this curious-looking "hot dog" at an unnamed restaurant in NYC. Although it looks much like a human thumb, Gymbeaux assured us that it, in fact, tasted nothing like thumb. Case closed. Move along. Nothing to see here.

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  • Title: “Grape Puppy”
  • Media: Grape. Canine DNA.
  • Submitted by: Terry Mc
  • Eating her morning grapes, Terry Mc came across this delightful puppy. She named him King in memory of the dog she was given on her 5th birthday who later went to a "farm" to live. They said he would be much happier. She thinks now that they lied.No word on what happened to the grape King.

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  • Title: “I’ll-Haunt-You-in-Another-Form Pumpkin”
  • Media: Pumpkin. Poor Watering Practices. Unadulterated scorn.
  • Submitted by: Darryl M.
  • Darryl claims the birth of this ill-looking pumpkin was a mix of neglect & ant infestations. Nonetheless, Darryl probably didn't realize that pumpkins never forget. As it rots into the ground, it's scornful expression ensures us that it shall have its revenge on Darryl... maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow... but some day. {it also kind of reminds me of something one might find in Crumpkin's Pumpkin Patch}

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  • Title: “Carrabbit”
  • Media: n/a
  • Submitted by: Lindsay
  • Lindsay found this carrot that looks like a rabbit; then fed it to an actual rabbit - begging the question of the rabbit being in complete unawares or of being a... CANNIBAL BUNNY.

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  • Title: “The Deflated Egg Balloon”
  • Media: Oh god... I don't know...
  • Submitted by: Raven C.
  • This egg was misplaced in the hen house and was, for reasons I cannot go into here, raised by balloons. Sadly, one morning, the egg's adoptive parents floated off to adventures unknown. Not knowing what else to do, the little egg deflated itself in grief.

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  • Title: “Freddy Kruger Chip”
  • Media: n/a
  • Submitted by: Joey W.
  • Joey seemed to think that this "Miss Vicky's" potato chip looks like Freddie Kruger (from the "Nightmare on Elm Street" films). I'll simply agree that it's mildly frightening to pull out of a bag of chips. You may decide for yourself!

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