The “Goldfish BBQ Potato Chip” of Anthony C.

  • Title: “Goldfish BBQ Potato Chip”
  • Media: BBQ flavorings. Potato. Patent infringement on Goldfish crackers.
  • Submitted by: Anthony C.
  • Anthony was eating a bag of BBQ-flavored potato chips when he found this interesting character. At first glance, one might mistake this for a goldfish-shaped potato chip, but I think Anthony found something much more lucrative. You see, to our best guess, this is evidence that the Potato Chip Industry is looking to move in on the ever-popular Goldfish Cracker market. Most likely, this is one of their early prototypes. I mean, what other reason could there be for such an obviously aquatic vertebrate-shaped chip?

One response to “Goldfish BBQ Potato Chip”

  1. PoWar says:

    Yellow Submarine!!!

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