Episode 22: Bunnies vs. Paper Shredder

After Episode 21’s result, it seemed only fitting to introduce a challenge that could take advantage of the flattened state of our fair marshmallow-based friends. Bunnies, meet the paper shredder. Don’t miss the video version of the episode below. All...


I rather dislike actual paparazzi, but am intrigued by methodizaz: a personal paparazzo that you commission to take candid photos of you when you’re not expecting it.

Bunnyocalypse 2008

 The 2008 Edition of the Bunnyocalypse has been launched with an episode from our good friend Jim.Also: an updated version of our free Bunnyocalypse Paper Practice Target has been posted in the Hanttula Store

Episode 21: Bunnies vs. Pasta Maker

Once again: prepare yourself. You are about to behold an unexpected sight in the world of the Bunnyocalypse. A flattening that even the hardened photographers could not have predicted. We were certain the bunnies would put up a better (read: stickier) fight to the...

Moustache Me

 Following the formula of "Advert + Moustache = Awesome," I’ve performed some further research to demonstrate that ANYTHING goes better with "a good moustaching."Visit Moustache Me and get your own moustache stickers – to place on...

Readymech Cameras

 Still buying film cameras like a chump? Why not pay a visit to Corbis’ Readymech Camera site where you can download, print & fold your own pinhole camera?

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