Shepard Fairey’s work on the walls, lampposts, and signs of mid-90s NYC completely changed how I thought about art.

His ANDRE THE GIANT HAS A POSSE stickers and paste-ups were revolutionary, mysterious, and electrifying. It was the first time that I saw non-graffiti street art and how graphic design could tip over into graphic art — plus how you could subvert the entire gallery world and take your work directly to the people.

All this to say… there are some cat siblings that live on my street.
One is BUDDY: an outdoor cat that has become the charmer of the street, with people stopping to pet him and give him affection all day long.
The other is BOBBIE: a very rotund indoor cat that never receives the affections of the passers-by.

In an effort to rectify this feline injustice, I’ve started a campaign to give Bobbie some greater public awareness. Shepard Fairey’s great 1989 work seemed like the perfect format & inspiration.

Time to let the world know that BOBBIE THE CAT HAS A POSSE.

Thanks to @obeygiant for years & years of inspiration & vision.

Thanks also to for the great sticker printing (screenprinted on vinyl!).

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