The Museum of Food Anomalies™ is an online exhibition of real food gone horribly wrong.

The Museum of Food Anomalies presents:

Popcorn Pup

“Some people find Jesus in their crisps, I found a poodle in my popcorn!”

This is an iconic snack-food emblem for today’s post-modern world,  after all what else could represent the pinnacle of humanity’s secular achievements greater than the aesthetic glory of genetic inbreeding and canine coiffure?

But, perhaps there’s a larger story here? For, this is not the only Popcorn Pup in the MoFA collection. There’s also this somewhat similar kernel-based canine. Further investigation is required.

Ric reports that this specimen has been preserved and “mounted on a perspex block for display purposes.” A quality item for any museum’s collection!

Popcorn Pup, 2019

Ric B.

Popcorn kernel, heat, canine DNA, bizarre breeding practices

About the MoFA

The Museum of Food Anomalies™ is an online exhibition of regular food, gone horribly wrong.

The MoFA presents, through photographic depiction, the very depths of abhorrent distortions of otherwise commonplace food stuffs.

The excellent submissions come from fine people around-the-world with galleries updated as new works arrive. Visitors are encouraged to share their anomalies.

The Museum of Food Anomalies is an art project of Michael Hanttula; started in 2001.

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