MoFA Updates

Many new additions to the MoFA {Museum of Food Anomalies}New postsPosts are now displayed in descending order (so newest posts are shown first).You can now subscribe to the new entries & comments feed via RSS!


Oh-oh. The last few days of posts have mysteriously disappeared. My apologies. I’ll try to rebuild them, if I can remember any of them.

Exhibits Updated!

Major Exhibit Updates…Bunnyocalypse{ added: 2 final episodes for 2006! } Museum of Food Anomalies{ added: 15 new images }Circus of Disembowled Plush Toys{ added:  1 new, unfortunate teddybear }

Welcome Back

Welcome Back. Apologies to anyone who missed the site while it was down for the past day. There were some server… issues. It happens.


Hey peoples: I’ve received a report from the East Coast of the U.S. that the site is not displaying images. Anyone else seeing this? If so, please drop me a note.

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