The Museum of Food Anomalies™ is an online exhibition of real food gone horribly wrong.

The Museum of Food Anomalies presents:

A Pleasant Corn Chip

We admit this one is a stretch for classification as an “anomaly”… but the chip’s expression is priceless.

And, as Joice tells us: “I went to a Mexican restaurant near my house and as I grudgingly ate my chips after a terrible day at work I found this little guy smiling at me. Such a magical face it had, encouraging and calming my senses. I can honestly say that Mr. Smily-chips has changed my life and that my faith in humanity has once again returned to my heart.”

(She also tells us that, after this chip brought her so much happiness — she ate him.)

A Pleasant Corn Chip, 2005

Joice O.

Corn chip

About the MoFA

The Museum of Food Anomalies™ is an online exhibition of regular food, gone horribly wrong.

The MoFA presents, through photographic depiction, the very depths of abhorrent distortions of otherwise commonplace food stuffs.

The excellent submissions come from fine people around-the-world with galleries updated as new works arrive. Visitors are encouraged to share their anomalies.

The Museum of Food Anomalies is an art project of Michael Hanttula; started in 2001.

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