The Museum of Food Anomalies™ is an online exhibition of real food gone horribly wrong.

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Monster Egg

Beatrice Barbareschi, known locally as “Bici,” was attempting to remove an egg from a carton when, instead, this ghastly beast revealed itself to her. According to her account, “this happened as I tried to remove the egg from its carton. somehow, the ‘eyes’ remained stuck in the carton. The ‘mouth’ happened as I pulled the egg out.” While that seems entirely plausible, don’t we all agree that it’s JUST as likely that this egg monster was in that carton all along? Knowing egg monsters (as I certainly do!), I bet that this egg monster was just hoping a hapless human would come across its lair, giving it the opportunity to attack.

Bici did not report on what came of the egg monster after the photo was taken. For all we know, it could still be out there – seeking its next victim.

Monster Egg, 2019

Beatrice Barbareschi New York, New York

Egg, Grippy Carton, Patient Monster

About the MoFA

The Museum of Food Anomalies™ is an online exhibition of regular food, gone horribly wrong.

The MoFA presents, through photographic depiction, the very depths of abhorrent distortions of otherwise commonplace food stuffs.

The excellent submissions come from fine people around-the-world with galleries updated as new works arrive. Visitors are encouraged to share their anomalies.

The Museum of Food Anomalies is an art project of Michael Hanttula; started in 2001.

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