The Museum of Food Anomalies™ is an online exhibition of real food gone horribly wrong.

Sly Potato, 2008

From: Jackie T. of Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Jackie was cutting through this potato when she found it staring back at her with this sly grin. We're not sure what to make of this: did the potato have a secret plan in mind? Was Jackie's cutting of the potato part of that plan?!? We may never know.


Egg Face, 2008

From: Chris King

Chris writes "I've gotten egg on my face before but never face on my egg." We think it looks more like a skull. Either way, Chris wisely left the egg alone & enjoyed oatmeal that morning.

Gregory Peck Pepper, 2008

From: Linda

Sometimes peppers suffer from having bad parents who stick them in front of the television instead of talking to them & playing with them. Sometimes, though, the pepper lucks out & watches nothing by Gregory Peck films growing up. Seriously, watch a Gregory...


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