Welcome to the…

  1. Son of Monster Mash-Up
    {collaboration of mash-up DJ’s to produce this FREE Halloween Mash album }
  2. Online Pumpkin Carving!
    { carve your design then watch it glow by candlelight }
  3. A collection of Old-Timey Halloween Print Ads
    { why not? }
  4. How-to Halloween Projects
    { everything from $1 tombstones to haunted portraits }
  5. Candy Toss
    { Flash-game-fun of flinging candy to the trick-or-treaters }
  6. Mr. Pumpkin’s One-Step Guide to Halloween Drinking
    { I think it’s something about not over-doing it. }
  7. Happy Happy Halloween, Silver Shamrock!
    { only makes sense if you’ve seen ‘Halloween III’ }
  8. Make-a-Meathead
    { The Meat-based Halloween party treat that’s sure to please }
  9. Halloween Carnival
    { toss apples at revolving ghouls }

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