Just in time for Halloween -the 2008 Hanttula’s

  1. Java’s Cosmic Halloween Special: a podcast mix of retro-lounge Halloween tunes and an eerie radio play with zombies, car races & possessed pumpkins.
  2. Make a Realistic Stitched Wound: part of Instructables’ DIY Halloween
  3. Para Abnormal: a web comic with posts for the "31 Days of Halloween"
  4. Pompor: the {faux} IKEA, flat-packed pumpkin
  5. Create and Draw Monsters: classic monster & Halloween coloring book pages
  6. Springed Spooks Attack: Fend off attacks from spring-bound spooks to save the princess {fun cartoon style!}
  7. Night of 1000 Zombies: You are a jack-o-lantern, tossing your own head to smash approaching zombies
  8. Monster Match: Stack matching monsters to remove them in this reverse-Tetris style game
  9. Dead Frontier – Night One: Can you survive the night during an onslaught of malicious zombies?
  10. Mon-Buster: Match monster tiles to remove them in this timed memory game
  11. Whack-a-Ghoul: like Whack-a-Mole but with ghouls
  12. Ghost Town: a club-wielding baby in a cemetery makes battle with ghosts & other haunting baddies.
  13. De-Animator: a shooting game in which you play the part of a regretful scientist who chooses to undo his "reanimation" of corpses… one bullet at a time.
  14. Ghoul Academy: side-scrolling shooter action in this early 90’s style video game
  15. Pumpkin Toss: a shooting-gallery type game in which you toss pumpkins at approaching ghosts, ghouls & skeletons.
  16. Halloween Pumpkins: a stacking-puzzle/strategy game… with pumpkins!
  17. Virtual Pumpkin Carving: illuminates when you are done!
  18. Halloween Hangman:  just what you would imagine.
  19. Very cool & simple (to make) Halloween Mask: if you have two large sheets of paper & about 15 minutes you can create a mask that gives the impression of the wearer’s head being twisted all the way around his/her body
  20. All Hallow’s Eve: Defend your home from attacking zombies. Aim for the head.
  21. Candy Toss: toss treats to trick-or-treaters on the street below.
  22. Halloween on Creepy Street: kind of like Super Mario Bros. expect you’re trick-or-treater dressed as a ghost.
  23. Ghost Bowling: Roll jack-o-lanterns at ghostly pins!
  24. Bill the Demon: Find souls. Eat them.
  25. Halloween Smash: like Bejeweled, but with Halloween-related items.
  26. Crumpkin’s Pumpkins: visit this haunted pumpkin patch and click (and click and click) around to see what surprises await you. { or just go to listen to the creepy ambient soundtrack }. { Works in Internet Explorer 6 & Safari Only}

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