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so… many… fun… games… Try

so... many... fun... games... Try (the addicting) Insaniqurium where you try to raise fish & fend off alien attacks. Also, there's WordShark, the game that stakes your typing skills against the life of your little scuba diver. And, even a nice version of the classic...

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Ladies! Have an excess of

Ladies! Have an excess of single guy-friends that you want to see hooked-up? Just go to to personally vouch for friends (or, even your ex-boyfriends, I guess). Or, if you're single yourself, you can find guys that have a stamp of approval. If...

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The Museum of Food Anomalies

The Museum of Food Anomalies has been updated with a new submission from Jerry Riboli. You too can a museum contributor, just read our museum specifications & send your own food anomaly in today!

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When you run through your

When you run through your repertoire of insults, it's good to know that there is a handy Insult Generator that can quickly create biting bits of repartee in 3 styles (modern, Shakespearean, & Street) and two language ratings (PG & Adult).

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