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TikiBar! iPhone Game

Another reason in the long line of reasons to have an iPhone — the TikiBar! iPhone game puts you behind the bar, challenging you to create these complex cocktails before the clock runs out.

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Useless Fliers

Useless Fliers presents amazing fliers that you can print & post. {naturally, this begs the question as to whether or not the fliers are truly useless, given the level of entertainment & potential intrigue they will provide... but think on that another day....

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Ivan Dimitrov and Ola Podrida

The brilliant Ivan Dimitrov and Ola Podrida have returned with another music video collaboration (under the direction of the equally brilliant Todd Rohal), with "The Closest We Will Ever Be." Believe it or not, this is a far more laid back video compared to their epic...

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Box-less Turntable Old News

While the previous post is kind of cool it's by no mean a new idea. My mother has had a Mikiphone for as long as I can remember..... ok, ok so there is no USB port.

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Box-less Turntable

Crosley finally breaks out of their mold of making vintage-looking turntables with their new Revolution player. The unit sheds the usual box in a minimal & beautiful way. There's even a USB port for connecting the player to your computer (for easy digitizing of...

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Google Envelopes

I love the idea of Google Envelopes -- where the route between sender & recipient is printed directly on the envelope. Too bad it doesn't exist yet. But, for something close that DOES exist, try Map Envelope -- where you print your own envelopes lined with Google...

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