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ChaCha is There for You

1-800-2-ChaCha will answer (almost) all your questions. Just call* or text (242242) with your query & ChaCha will send a text back with your answer. Example: "Hey ChaCha, why is the sky blue?"ChaCha: "A cloudless sky is blue because molecules in the...

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Considering solar panels on your home? RoofRay takes the outline of your roof from a Google maps and automatically calculates your potential for solar energy (plus all the costs involved). Not sure how accurate it is, but it's kinda fun.

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Threadless $9 Sale

Threadless has gone absolutely, out-of-their-ecommerce-minds ka-ray-zee and are offering 140 t-shirts for only $9 a piece (with all the rest on sale for $12). Get 'em now, before they are gone.

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You might find yourself asking: "Whyfore, Mike Hanttula, have there been so few updates to the fabulous Infobox 10000? What, pray tell, have the Hanttula Authors been up to?"I can only answer with this: "Magnificent things. Things of which you shall...

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Neave Television

You could spend anywhere between seconds & lifetimes watching Neave Television: where you'll enjoy random & intriguing video snippets (and can change channels at any time).

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The Magic Roundabout

Behold The Magic Roundabout a marvel of traffic confusion & public works shortsightedness. 5 small roundabouts surrounding one, large, central roundabout. Amazing!

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TikiBar TV Trailer

 If you have yet to enjoy TikiBar TV you should simply know that you're not enjoying your life to the fullest extent possible. But, in case you need some help understanding the video entertainments that await you, there is now a concise trailer for the show....

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Kubrick Season

Fans of Stanley Kubrick will appreciate this video promo that Channel 4 (Britain) has created for their "Kubrick Season." In it, the sets, cast & crew of 'The Shining' have been recreated & shown in one, long tracking shot. Fantastic.

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