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Bubble Calendar

The Bubble Calendar = absolutely awesome. It's a calendar printed on bubble wrap where you can pop the days as they go by. Fantastic. But -- $50? Yikers.

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Classical Renditions of Stairway to Heaven

The Stairway Suite presents the undying rock classic "Stairway to Heaven" re-imagined, if you will, through the compositional sensibilities of: Franz Schubert, Gustav Holst, Glenn Miller, Gustav Mahler, Georges Bizet and Ludwig von Beethoven. It's not simply...

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ChaCha is There for You

1-800-2-ChaCha will answer (almost) all your questions. Just call* or text (242242) with your query & ChaCha will send a text back with your answer. Example: "Hey ChaCha, why is the sky blue?"ChaCha: "A cloudless sky is blue because molecules in the...

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Considering solar panels on your home? RoofRay takes the outline of your roof from a Google maps and automatically calculates your potential for solar energy (plus all the costs involved). Not sure how accurate it is, but it's kinda fun.

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Threadless $9 Sale

Threadless has gone absolutely, out-of-their-ecommerce-minds ka-ray-zee and are offering 140 t-shirts for only $9 a piece (with all the rest on sale for $12). Get 'em now, before they are gone.

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You might find yourself asking: "Whyfore, Mike Hanttula, have there been so few updates to the fabulous Infobox 10000? What, pray tell, have the Hanttula Authors been up to?"I can only answer with this: "Magnificent things. Things of which you shall...

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Neave Television

You could spend anywhere between seconds & lifetimes watching Neave Television: where you'll enjoy random & intriguing video snippets (and can change channels at any time).

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