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Here are some links from

Here are some links from the old site that I think are worth posting again (in case you missed them the first time): The Toaster Made from Toast! The Semaphore Encoder! Collapse! (warning: addicting game) American Science & Surplus! (interesting catalog) Now you will...

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Ah, the auction-addicted sub-culture. They

Ah, the auction-addicted sub-culture. They are odd, aren't they? Now, to help warn the little one's of what can happen to them, a kind soul has released "Helplessly Addicted to eBay Barbie". (Warning: since this link is to eBay, it will only work until eBay removes...

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Let this serve as a

Let this serve as a caveat to other late-night folk out there. I'm nearing my 70th hour of being awake pretty much straight from Friday morning until now (cramming to get meet a magazine deadline while also building this site). And THIS is what I decide to have for a...

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What could be more fun

What could be more fun on the launch of a new site version than to re-visit some of the old designs? [ Images open in new browser window ] Design 1 The first graphic to grace the site (how modern) Design 2 The so-called "Version 0.4 Beta" Design 3...

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Good morning Ladies & Gentlemen.

Good morning Ladies & Gentlemen. Welcome to a new era of { : Your Home for Internet Fun } This site sports a new look & a new InfoBox messaging system that makes it easier than ever to post the latest fascinations from around the Web. I certainly hope you...

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Hmm, the litte saga of

Hmm, the litte saga of Ninjai has been postponed a short while. Too bad for those of us biting our nails in worry over our little hero's fate. But, quite good for you lousy sacks that have yet to watch the series (read: "time to catch up").

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