Is Lost A Repeat?

This just in from Renny by IM:  Do you find yourself wondering if tonight’s "Lost" is a repeat?  Then go to to view some hardcore "html at it’s minimal finest."

Dr. Steel

Dr. Steel – evil genius or musical prodigy? You decide!

Threadless Sale!

T-Shirt hipsters Threadless are having one of their infamous $10 sales – today through May 8th.  These things move quickly, so get ’em while you can! {this just in:  enter "super tees" as the order code for an additional $3 off!}

The Beer Belly!

Jimbo – this buds for you!  Imagine being able to smuggle your own alky-holic beverages into your favorite public venues by disguising it as a beer belly.  Ingenious!

Wes Anderson does Amex

So far, Amex has had some fun with their "My Life, My Card" ads, including spots by Martin Scorsese and M. Night Shyamalan… but none of them hold a candle to this new one directed by Wes Anderson.

Free Ice Cream!

Tomorrow, Tuesday, April 25th is Free Ice Cream Cone Day at Ben & Jerry’s!  Go and getcherself some!

Peep Pie

A small update – with some off-site Peeps Mayhem: "Four and twenty peep birds, baked in a pie!"

Ex Machina

You may not have noticed it, but comics these days are… well, not "cool", exactly… but at least "not deserving of scorn"?  A lot of legitimate press outlets are heaping praise on Brian K. Vaughn’s excellent "Ex...

Robot Fights

If this video of a live robot fight club doesn’t do it for you… then I don’t know what.

Bunny Buns

Here, in stark contrast to our own Bunnyocalypse, is a college student’s photo project in which she used Peeps as stick-on lingerie.

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