Pork and Beans

Sorry for the Youtube linkage – but personally, I was amused when my senior citizen father sent me Weezer’s summation of the last five years of the interwubs in 03:19.

R2-D@ Projector

Okay, this is pretty cool.  I think if I had no idea at all what Star Wars was – I would be consumed by robo-lust.

Is It Christmas?

Today is as good as any other to ask yourself the Important Question:  Is it Christmas yet?

Design By Humans

Many of you probably know my shameless shilling for t-shirt design giant Threadless.  Did you notice no linkie there?  That’s because I have been WAY underwhelmed with their printed designs of late.  There is a certain sameness and safeness to...

Trunk Monkey

As much as I hate lifting content from BoingBoing, this was a blast from my past.  Growing up in Oregon, I remember these commercials – and assumed they were national spots rather than local.  Now I’m even more impressed with the Trunk...

The Moldy Peaches

Apparently in my haste, I posted a rerun last night — so to make it up to you, enjoy this somewhat odd performance of "Anyone Else" from the Juno Soundtrack.

Previsously On Lost

For those of you who are tired of yet more questions and very few answers in the new episodes of "Lost", perhaps you will enjoy these musical recaps of the new season.  {Make sure and click on "lyrics" for the full effect.}

Y – The Last Man

Brian K. Vaughn’s epic comic book series "Y – The Last Man", came to an end today with the release of issue #60.  Funny, suspenseful, and insightful – it’s a comic for people that think they don’t like comics. ...

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