Box-less Turntable Old News

While the previous post is kind of cool it’s by no mean a new idea. My mother has had a Mikiphone for as long as I can remember….. ok, ok so there is no USB port.

Barefoot Day

Today everyone is supposed to go barefoot to support shoeless kids around the world. Tom’s shoes donates one pair for every pair bought to kids around the world. A good cause to go barefoot today.

Donut day

Tomorrow, Friday June 9th 5th (oops my bad) is what I would guess to be one of if not Homer’s favorite day. National Donut Day. Mmmm free donuts


Another fine find of Miss McCracken’s is meatcards. Someone who hands me one of these is the kind of person I want to do business with. (warning not suitable for vegetarians)


Here is delicious looking, stop motion, recipe for Spaghetti.

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