Gold Book Cart

I’ve just discovered that there’s such a thing as the Librarian Book Cart Drill Championships. where librarians “compete for the coveted gold book cart …with elaborate dance, athletics and performance art routines.” Now you know...

Green Screen Cookies

The best thing you will watch this weekend, the greatest recipe you’ll ever learn: See more of such brilliance from IFC’s Food Party { via AmyNation }

Interactive Music Video

An interactive music video for Soy Tu Aire where you control a constantly moving, beautifully animated “paintbrush” that produces more than simple brushstrokes. Have a go; it may be the most beautiful part of your day.

Free Slurpee Day

Tomorrow (Saturday, 7/11) is 7-11’s free Slurpee day. Go forth & procure the sweet, icy beverage. You can even “RSVP” through their Facebook page.

Cardon Copy

Cardon Copy hijacks neighborhood fliers, redesigns & reposts them. If only it were as easily to redesign all of a city’s visual blight. Good work, Mr. Cardon Webb.  See the collection of originals vs. redesigns here.

1st White House Luau

I’m not sure how I missed this one, but President Obama hosted the first-ever White House luau a couple weeks ago. Fantastically awesome. I think everyone in the country could use a luau these days.

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