Interactive Music Video

An interactive music video for Soy Tu Aire where you control a constantly moving, beautifully animated “paintbrush” that produces more than simple brushstrokes. Have a go; it may be the most beautiful part of your day.

Free Slurpee Day

Tomorrow (Saturday, 7/11) is 7-11’s free Slurpee day. Go forth & procure the sweet, icy beverage. You can even “RSVP” through their Facebook page.

Cardon Copy

Cardon Copy hijacks neighborhood fliers, redesigns & reposts them. If only it were as easily to redesign all of a city’s visual blight. Good work, Mr. Cardon Webb.  See the collection of originals vs. redesigns here.

1st White House Luau

I’m not sure how I missed this one, but President Obama hosted the first-ever White House luau a couple weeks ago. Fantastically awesome. I think everyone in the country could use a luau these days.

Two great tastes…

Google Apps is out of beta (yes, really) “Beta” and “Google Apps” went together like chocolate & peanut butter. I’ll kind of miss that little “beta” notice next to each Google App logo. Now, I guess, I’ll have to...

Buff Monster’s Summer Party

For those in LA, Buff Monster’s Summer Party is happening this Thursday at JapanLA. The street-artist-turned-fine-artist produces his signature work across a range of media & always puts on a good (gallery) show.

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