and on the mount, he spake onto them, and the words he spake were thus:
” go forth and consume pizza, eat of the world as ye too shall be ate.
” find ye the perfect pizza and eat it in remembrance of me.”
so the followers and the wise of the city went forth into the world in search of the perfect pizza
and, following the words that were spake, came upon a selection of pizzas three.
the first, being of noble pepperoni and cheese sat before the disciples and said unto them,
” I, pepperoni, am delicious, spicy, and good. take of me and enjoy the world.”
the villagers pondered this one, as the second stepped forth, it’s red and yellow toppings well-placed.
” alas, ye villagers, I am the Hawaiian pizza — my union of ham & pineapple is surprising, delicious, and good. take of me and enjoy the world.”
the bewildered followers of the word now had two tempting choices, as the third pizza came forth, covered in too many toppings to count, and spake onto the gathering:
” I, too, ye villages, am delicious, various, and good. I say unto thee simpletons, I am the combo pizza and ye shall take of me and enjoy the world.”

The witnesses heard what the pizzas spake, and what the pizzas spake was heard. The villagers conferred, contemplated, and reasoned. For six days and seven nights, the villagers pondered the words of the pizzas. Each day and night, the sun and moon kept a silent, pizza-like vigil in the sky. On the seventh day (it just happened to be Friday), they realized they were hungry and that the pizzas were still there. With the coming of noon (12:15 PM, to be exact), they were enlightened by the aroma of the warm food.
” We can take and enjoy of all the pizzas, for the pizzas are plentiful and the world is good.”
And, thus, they ate all; and as they ate, more arrived. They ate the pizza and the pizza was good. This is the world of the Pizza Buffet, and alas, the world is good.
Round Table Pizza.
Victory & Buena Vista.
12:15 PM

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