This post is a break from the normal and will probably be of interest to almost no one. But, yours truly found a solution that doesn’t seem to be anywhere on the Internet — so I thought I’d post it here to help anyone searching for the same answer: How to Get Adobe CS3 to Run in Windows 7/Vista.

If you have installed Adobe CS3 within Windows 7/Vista and are experiencing the issue where the programs (Photoshop, Illustratror, Dreamweaver, what-have-you) are either not loading or only beginning to load then “not responding” (this happens with Photoshop), rest easy: there is a fix that just might work for you!

Strangely enough, you need to a licensing fix named Adobe Acrobat 8 licensing service update (Windows Vista only).

Even though it’s listed as being for Acrobat & Vista — it fixed my issues with Adobe CS3 & Windows 7.

Good luck!

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