One day paper receipts will be a thing of the past. Here’s one possible view of that future, where Kevin Rose (who you might know from Digg and/or Diggnation) introduces the Square mobile credit card payment processor. Many will marvel at the system (which uses an iPhone & tiny cube credit card reader to receive, authorize & process credit card payments “anywhere”), but for me the best part is a move towards storing receipts online. We all need to keep records of the various transactions we make and, like online bill pay, it’s time that receipts are moved from the crumpled mass at the bottom of my pocket* to a centralized form of online storage.

*No, I don’t really crumple my receipts. As a man of class & sophistication, I keep them neatly folded in my wallet… until I get home, where they form the top layer of an ever-growing pile of paper-things-that-I-imagine-I’ll-need-someday-for-something.

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