Awhile back, I wrote about a great glass version of the beloved plastic Solo cup. That version is beautiful and costs $34. Now, CB2 offers a collection of 2 sizes that are both beautiful and priced between $2-4 each. I absolutely love these. And, while you’re shopping at CB2, pick up some of their super-thin walled 22 oz. stack barware –a seeming take on the famous Guinness pint glass {stacks without leaving watermarks that would disturb the pour of that fine stout} On sale at just $2 a piece.



  1. Hi I have been looking for these glasses , CB2 has stopped carrying them and can’t seem to find them anywhere.

  2. I know! My hope is that CB2 will bring them back (maybe as a seasonal item).

    You can always try contacting them directly and asking them to bring the glasses back!


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