Hey peoples, I’m heading to Hawaii to hang with my girl Kris… yes, of KristenIsCool fame.
Since I don’t want to hog all the fun, here are some links to tide you over:
– The Mixture hosts Ben Stiller, Danny Devito, and Drew Barrymore’s "Dream Roles" (some very funny promos for the Tribeca Film Festival – seeing Ben Stiller enacting scenes from "Gladiator" should keep laughing for at least a week)
Capoeira Fighter 2 should provide lots of online video game action for you. It’s not like most fighting games in that you must choose your attacks intelligently. (Recommended for broadband users or patient people)
– For you videomoviemakers & photographers out there, Panasonic is hosting a little bit o’ competition: the A/V Contest with prizes of cameras & exotic trips.
– Lastly, Chapter 9 of Ninjai is up!

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