“For English-speaking people who want to talk to and be understood by jazz musicians, hipsters, beatniks, juvenile delinquents and the criminal fringe.”

How to Speak Hip with your instructor Geets Romo.

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  1. I was so surprised and pleased to discover this website’s presentation of this old album! I remember, back in the day when I was a young hippie, visiting with a friend who’d bought this LP (yes, an analog disc!). We fired up a bummer and laughed our buns off listening to Mr. Geets Romo lay it all out, man! And the interviewer is the perfect stooge – as I realize even more now that I’m an advanced academic. At some point he asks Geets about a term and Geets gives it the hip treatment, which is somewhat archetypal in nature. So then the straight, academic-style interviewer says, “Oh, so you’d say…” and then lists many possible ways to explicate the concept using lots of big words, elaborate constructions and layers of arrangement, and Geets says “No man, I’d never say that!” Hahaha! The beauty of it all was that Geets’ presentation was right on with the scene as we found it! It’s a gas, man!


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