The long-running Hanttula B-Movie Title Generator has been REBORN*! Like any good, low-budget monster movie, this title & name generator can’t be stopped. What was once the “B-Movie Title Generator” is now the…


* If you’re wondering to yourself, “didn’t this JUST get rebuilt?” then you’re a very sharp visitor! Yes – the B-Movie name generator had just been completely rebuilt from scratch. But, after a few months of life, I realized that “B-Movie” isn’t a term that too many people really use or understand anymore (especially internationally). So, a small renaming was in order. While I was doing that, I decided to streamline the whole user experience. Rather than being welcomed with a beautiful movie theater exterior & mysteriously floating admission ticket, you now get RIGHT to the name-generating action.  If you feel that you’re missing out on the old experience, here’s a view of what that used to look like:

B-Movie Title Generator Welcome Screen

The “Welcome Screen” to the old B-Movie Title Generator. The admission ticket mysteriously floated into view; the stars above the theater gently twinkled. It was a thing of beauty.

It looked great, but was a lot of content to load for little enjoyment. Instead, the page now has a quick & simple presentation of the stuff that everyone wants: endless monster movie titles!

Are you ready to take the new title generator for a spin? Then wait no longer: visit the Monster Movie Title Generator today!

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