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Yahoo Answer Fail

Yahoo! Answers allows anyone to pose a question to the ENTIRE INTERNET. Sometimes the questions & answers are informative, helpful & intelligent; more often they result in a Yahoo! Answer Fail.

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Breakfast Machine

OK Go's highly successful video for "This Too Shall Pass" was a lot of people's first introduction to the mechanical-stylings of Rube Goldberg, but people have been building contraptions that mimic his mind-boggling style for some time. Evidence: this Breakfast-making...

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OK Go: This Too Shall Pass

The band OK Go has the unenviable task of having to constantly outperform themselves in terms of their music videos (evidence: their video for Here I Go Again). In their new video for "This Too Shall Pass," they have have succeeded again:...

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Unhappy Hipsters

Unhappy Hipsters provides new (and seemingly insightful) captions to the coolly modern home/homeowner photos in magazines like Dwell*. *Dwell, just for the record, is probably the best home design magazine around.

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Я очень рад, ведь я, наконец, возвращаюсь домой translates to "I'm very glad because I'm finally back home." That translation offers no explanation for this amazing video...

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Today in Bacon

A few selections from The Bacon Beer Mug The Bacon Guy Lombardi Trophy The Bacon Gingerbread House The Bacon Cheese Turtleburger

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How to Speak Hip

"For English-speaking people who want to talk to and be understood by jazz musicians, hipsters, beatniks, juvenile delinquents and the criminal fringe." How to Speak Hip with your instructor Geets Romo.

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BarBot 2010

Tonight! In San Francisco... BarBot 2010: the third annual festival of Cocktail Robotics! "BarBot is a celebration of cocktail culture and man-machine interface. Get a drink from an actual robot. Chat up a snarky electronic bartender. Listen to some graceful tunes...

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