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Make’s DIY List

You could spend hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours reading through Make Magazine's 330+ page list of online DIY Projects

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The House On the Rock

Someday I would love to take my son, Dashiel, to experience the olde-timey wonder of Madison, Wisconsin's famed "House On the Rock".  Empirical proof for once that "more" is in fact "more".

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For those into the vinyl toy collectable scene - these handy dandy custom creations by Spookypop - are pretty f-ing great.  {ed. note - you must allow popups to properly embiggen the photos.}

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Brian Dettmer

 Although we posted these cut-book "sculptures" a couple weeks back, D.Ball has found much better photos of the Brian Dettmer: Book Autopsies

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There is some slight nudity at the end of this clip showing transforming clothes at an Italian fashion show.  But the technology is just too neat-o not to share on account of prudishness.

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Who knew that all the "McBain" segments from "The Simpsons" formed their own little mini-movie - a condensed study of the eighties Schwarzeneggar oeuvre. 

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DWR Airstream

It's too bad that products from "Design Within Reach" are nowhere near being within my reach, because I really like this DWR Airstream Trailer.  {not that I have the means to tow it.}

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Halo 3 “Museum”

One of the best promotions I've seen (for anything) for a long time: the Halo 3 War Memorial{ a Flash-based, photo-realistic tour through a model of the war fields. stunning. }

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